Semalt Recommends 10 Best Tools For SEO Content Writing

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Best Tools For Content Planning
  3. Best Tools For Content Drafting
  4. Best Tools For Content Editing
  5. Conclusion


Content is King! This is not only a popular saying among content writers and creators but also a fact that has stood the test of time. Without content, you would not be able to connect with your customers and other businesses for networking purposes. You would also not be able to encourage your consumers to participate in your business by patronizing your service. However, the second part of the story is that - only high-quality content is capable of all these benefits. 

High-quality content is rated according to the dynamic algorithms of search engines. It is not necessarily about how good you are at storytelling or how much information you pack into your piece, but about meeting the requirements of search engines. This is called SEO writing. While it also has a lot to do with your method of content delivery and how much customers can benefit from the value you offer, it also has to do with a bunch of SEO-required elements like keywords, links, powerful headlines, readability, and so much more. 

The best way to get your content to score well on both sides (for search engine bots and people) is to use SEO writing tools. Not only will they help guide you towards creating high-quality content that will boost engagement, visibility, and conversion, but they will also make the process from planning to publishing faster. With that said, here are 10 top content writing tools that help with SEO content writing. This list has been subdivided into planning tools, drafting tools, and editing tools. Note that these three stages all work together to create the perfect content for your platform. 

Best Tools For Content Planning

Content planning is the process of determining what content initiatives to carry out and when. In other words, it is the first stage of a great SEO content piece that involves planning what you'll write and when to deliver it. Below are X tools that are great for content planning;

1. Semrush

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Though Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit that covers a wide area of SEO and SEO services. However, it has a platform that is dedicated to content writing and planning. Some of the features that can help you plan your content effectively are keyword research tools, blog audits, backlink searchers, and so much more. Their content marketing tool can also help you to find great headlines, some popularly asked questions as subheadings (or FAQs), related topics, and so on. 


2. Notion

Notion is a digital app that is designed to make content planning and creation simple. It lacks the complexity of interface navigation and helps users go straight to the point. It is created as a workspace that can be used by more than one user to brainstorm and record all sorts of ideas. Though Notion can be employed in numerous niches, its design is very effective for content planning because of its templates and widgets which can be customized to suit your brand. 


3. Google Sheet

Completely free to use, Google sheet helps you plan out your content from the headline, keywords, word counts, internal links, and so on. Additionally, it has unlimited space and helps you see all your content plans at a glance. It can also be synced with other users making it easy for everyone to make changes when needed. Google Sheets can easily be opened on both mobile and desktop devices and give you no limit to your content planning process.  


Best Tools For Content Drafting

Drafting is the fancy word for content writing - the process of writing the content before it is published. This text usually already embodies everything that has been listed in the content and has been proofread one or two times for flow, readability, and quality. The following are the tools that can help make this process easy from the introduction to the conclusion.